The nuts and bolts of what you need for starting & growing your business

Whether you’re just standing thoughtfully at your easel, wearing your red beret, artfully sketching out your idea to see how it might look, or up to your armpits in your business already, wading through muddy waters (not the band), these proven marketing strategies and powerful tactics will help you increase your sales and bring your ideal customers to you, like the housewives of Orange County to a botox party!

Plan on a Page

The best strategy session EVER!

We cover everything you need to ensure your business success.  A tactical roadmap detailing the entire battle plan, that lays out the required procedure, processes to guide your decision-making, kill the overwhelm & confusion and make you a lethal weapon against your competition.  Booyah!

Quit the Commute

Let’s make a plan, Stan!

Spend more time doing what you love, and with the people you love. This programme is where you begin to build your side hustle.

Reboot your Biz

Low sales? Feeling defeated & tired? We got you.

Time to de-frag, optimise, and freshen up your business. Maaximise sales & breathe new life into your business & your life!

Download your FREE business plan on a page

Fill out the Intentio Business Design 9 key step business plan and watch your ideas grow.

Kate has already helped me so much and I’ve only had 1 face to face meeting and 2 phones calls! We have made my business plan for 2018, nailed down my ideal target client. Kate has given me the confidence in my work so I know what to charge people and feel confident in doing so. Kate is very easy to talk to and is very affordable – a bonus for a small business starting out. I look forward to working with you more in 2018 and developing my exciting projects.

Michelle Kennard


Kia Ora Kate!
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