It’s about doing things YOUR OWN WAY

With the support of someone who believes in you

I’d LOVE for us to get out all our best booze and talk about me, but it’s not about me, it’s about YOU!

To transform your business you need a partner in crime with a business mindset, deep and up to date knowledge, fresh eyes and a sense of humor.

It’s about where you’re at in your life and what you want to achieve. It’s about deciding what you want and then figuring out how to get there. It’s about having the courage to take a couple of BOLD steps with someone alongside you who’ll give you the benefit of their knowledge and experience and keep you from making costly mistakes.

It’s about doing things YOUR OWN WAY, with the support of someone who believes in you, who’ll encourage you and won’t let you fall flat on your face…with your skirt, all dishevelled and your knickers showing. Not going to happen. I’ve got your back.

Kate Wright

Professional challenger of the status quo, highly educated business woman, free spirited unschooler, queen of neglect when it comes to all things skincare even though she worked in the beauty industry, and co-founder of the alternative lifestyle and career website, Intentio Business Design.

On a mission to help unstick the stuck, re-energise the miserable, set free the imprisoned, and hulkify the helpless, empowering them to buck the system & say ‘f*ck it all, Imma do what I want!’ by stepping boldly into their future and building their own stunningly authentic, magnificently independent, and unbelievably awesome business.

The not-so-silent partner in the background, Steve is a critic by nature, using his INTJ tendencies to expose injustices in the world. He has more degrees than picture hooks and loves to read the works of French philosophers while sitting in the sun next to his faithful labrador Indi and looking across the lush green countryside. He’s a visionary, a reluctant socialiser, a proudly non-pc but devout feminist, and a hilarious drinking buddy.

Steve Scott

Create a business that gives you more time with your dog!

Kia Ora Kate!
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